5 Celebrities Who Have Dental Implants

5 Celebrities Who Have Dental Implants

When you think of celebrities, you know their physical appearance and smile are a driving factor in their overall success. Their white teeth are generally in perfect alignment and it never fails to dazzle you. However, many times there is a set of dental implants behind that great smile.

It is not just the actors listed below with an excellent smile because of dental implants. Many other actors and actresses have received dental implants, and often by choice before ever even needing them. For high profile individuals, waiting until it’s too late can be very costly. Many actors leverage their downtime in between movie shoots in order to get dental implants in order to ensure they have a great smile throughout their full career. 

Here is a list of five celebrities that have made the move to get dental implants to help boost their career:

Ed Helms

Known for his starring role in “The Hangover”, Ed’s lost tooth in the movie was not Hollywood magic, but actually him taking out one of his teeth that was attached to a dental implant during that portion of the film. Ed has had dental implants for over 20 years at this point, and his smile has helped lead him to many other roles since.


Kathy Ireland

Known for both her modeling and business acumen as an entrepreneur, Kathy had an accident where she lost many teeth while gardening. Kathy fortunately replaced these with dental implants, and as a result has maintained her phenomenal smile.


Gary Busey

Gary Busy is one of the most outspoken actors in Hollywood. Gary had substantial damage to his face sustained in a big accident after which he resorted to a dental surgery to get it corrected. He rather opted for an oversized teeth makeover and it worked well for him. He has a dangerous smile but Gary can take it all.


Demi Moore

She has pearly whites and she looks amazing with them. Demi Moore is another actress with dental implants. These implants have not only made her look amazing but added a lot to her overall beauty too.


Taylor Hicks 


Taylor was a winner of the Fox reality show, “American Idol” in season five. His great voice, good looks and great smile helped him move from round to round without being eliminated. But Taylor didn’t always have a great smile throughout his whole career. When he was younger, his front two teeth were knocked out. Lucky for Taylor, he replaced them with dental implants and hasn’t missed a beat. 

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