Are All Dental Implants the Same?

Are All Dental Implants the Same?

So, are all dental implants the same? Dental implants, like many things in life, are not “one size fits all.” Certainly we’ve all learned no one size fits all of our needs or sizes, for anything.


Proven Methods Outweigh Short Term Success

dental implantsTime has proven that there are major differences in the different types of dental implants that exist. Some are made of various metal alloys mixed in with the titanium, and have proven to fail. Others have had surface treatments done in the manufacturing process which enhances bone grown onto the implant’s surface. Some treatments have proven to fail, with particles of the surface covering showing up in regional lymph nodes where they were never meant to be.


All of us know that many of our teeth are shaped differently. So are the roots. No one implant shape or size could replace the anchoring function all the same way. When we chew, we apply force to our teeth. How that force is delivered down into the bone matters significantly. It must spread out through the bone in an acceptable manner. Some implants are so narrow, such as mini implants, that it would be impossible to spread-out the chewing forces like the roots of the natural teeth they’re trying to replace, did. If bone will not tolerate it, that bone will withdraw from the implant, causing it and any teeth attached to it, to fail and fall out.


The most important thing a person can do is to ask their dentist about the scientific evidence that proves the implant they offer is both safe, and effective. And, how long has that implant system been in use?


Long Term Solutions 

Some things work, temporarily, but fail under longer term use. That’s something you don’t want! Properly placed, implants with good long term scientific data studies can last the rest of a patient’s life.


Too many of the lower cost implant solutions are able to claim anything they want (legally). In my 35+ years focused on implant dentistry, there has been a large number of dental implant companies go out of business because of too many failures!


All dental implants are not the same. You’ve only got one mouth. You don’t want to gamble with it. “Tried and true,” is more than just a commonly-used phrase. It is wisdom that should not be ignored.


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