The Importance of Smiling According to the late, great Charlie Chaplin, you can expect a brighter tomorrow if you learn to just smile through troubled times. Smiling has, since time immemorial, been regarded as a way to relax and wipe away the “cobwebs” of stress we each walk into every day of our lives. Yet, […]

Mini Implants Compared to Traditional Dental Implants Mini implants are advertised as a low-cost alternative to conventional dental implants. Many patients seek out additional information to compare the two products and determine their best treatment option. Overall, the primary differences between the two types of implants include overall function and longevity. CONVENTIONAL DENTAL IMPLANTS MINI […]

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life Despite all the medical advancements in dental care and treatments, millions of American still suffer from premature tooth loss. The main reasons for this problem include gum diseases like gingivitis, tooth decay or even a physical injury. For years, people have resorted to dentures and bridges as the […]

Why Do Patients Report That Having a Dental Implant Placed is So Much More Comfortable Than Having a Tooth Removed? One day, during one of the many times I was working with Professor Brånemark, who discovered the first successful implant technology, in Sweden, I asked him this question, and asked if the people in Sweden […]