Free Dental Implant Consultation…. Are They Really?

Free Dental Implant Consultation

Free! Free! Free!

People are seeing ads every day listing this or that dental service…for Free!

Has everyone forgotten the wisdom of the old saying, “Let the buyer beware!”???  Apparently so.

There is an ever-increasing awareness among people that teeth can be predictably, and safely, replaced by dental implants. That’s a good thing. Because that, at least, is true. However, what is not a good thing can be the ads appearing everywhere, like weeds, saying, “C’mon in for a free dental implant consultation.”

Why is free not a good thing, you might be wondering? Because people have also forgotten another wise, old saying: “You get what you pay for.”

Too often, when someone goes into an office for a free service, it isn’t the dentist who is doing the service. That means, in this case, the “consult” is being done by a salesperson working in the office.  

Sure the potential patient might meet with the dentist, briefly, but most of the patient’s time is spent with the salesperson who often works on commission, meaning they get paid more when they sell more dental treatments, regardless if the patient needs it or not. You could see how this might not work out well for the patient if greed takes precedence over need. 

So when the patient pays nothing, and gets little-to-no time with the dentist, that’s about how much that “consult” is worth. Little-to-nothing.

A properly-done implant consult takes time. Often as long as an hour. And that’s an hour spent with the actual dentist, not a salesperson, interrupted only by a brief “cameo” appearance by the dentist.

Your Personal Smile Enhancement Plan

Personal Smile Enhancement Plan

For an implant consult to truly be worth something, both for your time and the happiness of your future smile, it does take time.

Steps we’ll take together to see how we might grant your wish of an enhanced smile:

  • Our office uses a top-of-the-line iCAT Cone Beam 3-D CT Scan; not plain dental x-rays or a Panorex.
  • Dentist analyzes the scan and makes a diagnosis, specific for you.
  • Dentist reviews all the findings with you.
  • Dentist discusses all the treatment options and alternatives with
    you; both advantages and disadvantages of each option:

      • Timelines as to how low each step might take to complete.
      • How long each treatment option might last.
      • Costs estimates and insurance benefits for services provided by Dr. Sevetz’s office will be written out for you to take home.  Any costs for restorative dental treatments will be provided by your dentist.

Most importantly, a proper consult will allow you all the time you need to ask questions about all the treatment possibilities, and you will receive a thorough explanation of each option from the dentist, not from a “stand-in” salesperson.

Your oral health is worth a lot! Not only to you, but also to dentists who care about you, your long-term oral health, and the enhanced quality of your life that properly done dental implants can offer your smile.

Don’t forget that, next time you see ads boasting free dental implant “consults!” Your happiness is worth way more than that!

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