How Dental Implants Allow You to Enjoy the Foods You Love

How Dental Implants Allow You to Enjoy the Foods You Love

Dental implants have emerged as an effective remedy for people who want to retain their pearly whites but have suffered tooth loss or a similar problem. A titanium implant is placed on the jaw line which restores the shape and appearance of your teeth, all the while looking very natural. Not only are dental implants safe but technology has progressed to a point where the procedure is quicker and more painless than ever before. Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons why so many people are opting for implants over other tooth replacement options.

How Dental Implants Allow You to Enjoy the Foods You LoveHowever, the benefits of dental implants extend beyond aesthetics. In fact, eating with dental implants is easier than with other treatments that you may undergo. Let’s look at how dental implants allow you to enjoy the foods you love:

Dental Implants Are Meant to Be Permanent


How Dental Implants Allow You to Enjoy the Foods You LoveThey stay in place and don’t move when you chew or bite. This is not the case with dentures. Dentures have the tendency to slip, particularly when you are chewing. Obviously, chewing becomes difficult once the dentures are out of place. You will have to stop eating, fix the dentures and then resume. This can take away from the pleasure you draw from the meal and can affect the overall experience.

 If You Opt for Dentures, Prepare to Stay Away From a Range of Food Options

How Dental Implants Allow You to Enjoy the Foods You LoveThis not only means that you might have to give up on some of your favorite foods, but also there is a risk that your diet might not be as nutritious as it needs to be. And, it is possible that you won’t enjoy the flavor of the food you are eating, because your mind is still adjusting to the dentures. With dental implants, you can maintain your diet without any hassle.

Not to mention, there is a risk of dentures falling out while you are eating. This can happen if you are eating hard foods or bite too hard. If the dentures fall out, they might break and you would have to head to the dentist before you can start eating again. This is a major problem that you can avoid by opting for implants instead. This could also lead to an embarrassing situation, if you are in a social setting. You wouldn’t want to abandon a party just because your dentures fell out. With implants, you would face no such problems.

 Dentures, in General, Are Fragile

How Dental Implants Allow You to Enjoy the Foods You LoveBeing made of plastic, dentures have been known to crack while eating. If you bite down on hard candy or even an apple, there is a risk of breakage. In that case, you might experience discomfort and pain. You will also have to bear the cost of having the dentures replaced. If you have a sweet tooth, eating with dental implants will allow you to continue indulging yourself, because implant teeth do not get cavities.

 As mentioned above, dentures can cause embarrassment when you are in social situations. Not only do you have to deal with the risk of the dentures falling out, you might have to decline invitations if the menu isn’t suited to your dental condition. There are many types of food that you will have to avoid eating, and you might have to skip parties just because you won’t be able to eat what the hosts serve. Dental implants are strong, sturdy, and also fill the gaps. This way, you can eat whatever you want, without any major hassle or inconvenience. Also, once teeth are removed, the jawbone naturally shrinks which makes dentures more loose. But that’s not the worst of it. The shrinkage also causes loss of facial skin support, which makes the face look like it is collapsing vertically and premature facial wrinkles start showing up all around the mouth, giving a premature look of old age.

 As you can see, there are many unpleasant issues you may experience when eating with tooth replacement options, especially dentures, and not with dental implants. Through osseointegration, the bone grows onto the dental implant and hence becomes a part of your jaw line. Therefore, it allows you to maintain your existing lifestyle without major changes. That being said, eating with dental implants is most often preferred over other tooth replacement alternatives. You can have your favorite foods and follow a healthy and balanced diet without experiencing any discomfort and without facing the risks mentioned above.

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