How Dental Implants Can Help You Enjoy Your Life More

How Dental Implants Can Help You Enjoy Your Life More

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What do we see when we meet another person. Studies have shown that we all look at faces. The most common feature we first see is their smile. Second is their eyes. But, what if people don’t want their smile to be revealed, due to bad teeth? Subconsciously, when we meet people who aren’t smiling, we feel differently about them than those who are smiling.

Fear of Eating Due to Dentures?

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As social beings, we gather together. Often during these get-togethers, there is some food to snack on or eat. When people are losing teeth, they get apprehensive or nervous about going to such gatherings because they fear they won’t be able to eat in front of others, or worse, they might try and get embarrassed by what they try to eat. As a result, they start making excuses to not attend gatherings so they can avoid being uncomfortable in social situations.

Dental Implants Improving the Quality of Life

dental implantsOne such person, Sarah (name changed). told me that she was doing exactly what was described above. She avoided meeting with her co-workers at the office whenever she knew food would be involved. She even ate her lunches alone. Sure she felt like a self-imposed outcast, and didn’t like it, but felt it would be the less uncomfortable path to take.

Sarah wore dentures, and they were no longer functioning as they once did. She came for dental implants which gave her fixed-in-place teeth. As a result, she no longer had to wear false teeth/dentures. She loved them! She went to every gathering of her friends and co-workers that were held! Her family also noticed the great joy that had returned to her life. She told everyone that if she knew she had only one year left to live, having implants placed would be on her list of things to do during that last year. She said the enhanced enjoyment her life contained was, as the TV commercials say, “priceless.”

Regardless of your age, don’t you feel you deserve to be happier and want to face the world happily smiling? You deserve it, and we can help.

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