The Importance of Smiling

The Importance of Smiling

According to the late, great Charlie Chaplin, you can expect a brighter tomorrow if you learn to just smile through troubled times. Smiling has, since time immemorial, been regarded as a way to relax and wipe away the “cobwebs” of stress we each walk into every day of our lives. Yet, some people find it difficult to smile, not because of the way they feel inside, but because the way they believe they’re seen from the outside because of a less than attractive smile.

Thankfully, dental technology has evolved to a point where any problems with your teeth can be fixed and you can have a set of perfect pearly whites. Not to mention, it gives you the opportunity to smile, which is really important in life. And you feel better about yourself.

The importance of smiling can be understood by the fact that it not only makes you look great, as you appear happy and young, but you can also enjoy a number of health and other benefits by smiling. Most people take smiling for granted. After all, you need do is flex a few muscles in your face and jaw to smile, but it is much more than a simple exercise. It will do a world of good for both your mind and body. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should smile more:

The Emotional and Psychological Benefits

the importance of smilingIt is often said that smiling is an effective way to beat stress, but is it true? Yes, it most definitely is! The emotional and psychological benefits of smiling are numerous, including:

  • Your mood improves when you smile. Often, people find it hard to smile because they are tense. Smiling enables you to break the tension and gives you an opportunity to relax and beat the tension for good. Your mood is instantly elevated and you start feeling much better than you were. So, the next time you frown, simply turn it upside down!
  • And it’s not only you whose mood will improve as a result of you smiling. After all, smiling is somewhat “contagious.” People around you feel relaxed and better when you smile and you will find more people smiling with you, when you do.
  • You become more approachable to other people if you constantly have a smile on your face. Smiling enables you to present a warm and friendly demeanor. This instantly has a positive impact on your social life as people are drawn towards you. As you know, having a social circle is vitally important to being able to lead a happy and fulfilling life and smiling is an effective way to get social.
  • Most significantly, people who smile more are better able to deal with tough situations in life. No one has a perfect life. Every person encounters problems, big and small. As mentioned in the beginning, smiling helps you get through the grim parts of your life and also gives you the power to hold on till things improve for you. This is a helpful way to ward off depression and other mental disorders which arise when you are feeling “down in the dumps.”

The Social Benefits

the importance of smilingAs mentioned above, smiling makes you more approachable and gives you the chance to make more friends. In addition, you also:

  • Build better relationships. Smiling is the most effective way to find your way out of a conflict with someone. By smiling, you can make other people feel comfortable around you. This will help diffuse tension.
  • Enjoy a productive professional life. Happiness is one of the key tenets for professional success. Smiling can actually help you perform better at work, and additionally, you will get along better with the people you work with.

The Health Benefits

  • the importance of smilingDid you know that stress is a component cause of the most prevalent major and minor health problems people face today? Smiling can help you get rid of stress and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, among other health problems.
  • At the same time, smiling is more effective than even chocolate at stimulating the production of serotonin, the ‘feel good’ hormone, in your body. You will feel better and more relaxed, capable of handling anything life throws your way. If you smile, you can actually make “lemonade,” because life will periodically give you lemons!

All of the above benefits to your life are true. But, who wants to smile if their teeth don’t look pleasing? No one. At least not in social or work situations. Fear not! It can all be enhanced to a most pleasing appearance! You’ll feel good, inside and out! You deserve it.

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