What Are NeoArch Dental Implants?

What Are NeoArch Dental Implants?

Advancements in dental technology have made it possible for patients to smile brightly, even if they have experienced tooth and bone loss. Having missing teeth is embarrassing and can cause further problems if left untreated. This is why replacing missing teeth, or teeth that no longer make sense to try to “breathe life back into them,” is integral for your overall health and lifestyle.

 What Are NeoArch Dental Implants

When multiple teeth are lost, or when it finally makes sense to get rid of failing teeth that are beyond hope, dentures may seem like a person’s only remaining option. Not so. Not in this day and age of advanced technology. Your smile can be restored, along with your ability to enjoy socializing and eating foods you like. But, once teeth are removed, the bone that used to hold them will shrink. Modern dental implant placement can be your last/best line of defense against this otherwise inevitable bone shrinkage. And against loose dentures, which will happen as the bone shrinks. And against lines in the face, when skin sags for lack of underlying bone support, due to shrinkage. Sticky denture adhesives pale in comparison to fixed-in-place teeth anchored to solid implants. Fortunately, Neodent’s NeoArch solution solves this issue for patients who are looking for a long term solution, by strategically spreading-out several bone-preserving Neodent implants around the jawbone, or arch.

 What are NeoArch Dental Implants?

 NeoArch Dental Implants feature four strategically placed dental implants that support an entirely new set of prosthetic teeth. Alternatively, an implant would need to be placed for each tooth that falls out. This can become a time-consuming and costly procedure. But with  Neodent’s NeoArch strategic distribution, as few as four implants could stop: the otherwise inevitable bone shrinkage, premature facial lines and give a more youthful appearance, and also give solid support to the entire upper or lower arch for a long lasting, attractive smile.

Some benefits of NeoArch Dental Implants include:

Immediate Function 

The highly stable implant can support immediate function. It features Acqua, a hydrophilic surface that increases wettability rapidly attracts healing factors onto its surface. The unique external geometry of the implant body offers great initial mechanical stability.

Cone Morse Connection

The dental implant features Cone Morse Connection that enhances mechanical stability. It transfers physiologic load distribution, offering high resistance. Additionally, the conical seal offers premium protection from bacterial ingrowth. There is a single prosthetic platform connection for all implants, regardless of the thread style of diameter of the implant.

Eliminates Problems Associated with Dentures

Full or complete dentures might seem like the ideal budget-friendly option to replacing teeth but that is not a natural long-term solution. Over time, dentures can cause extreme discomfort and make it difficult for patients to maintain a healthy diet. Furthermore, your speech may be affected adversely and this can lead to social problems, taking a toll on your self-esteem. NeoArch Dental Implants can eliminate these problems and offer a realistic, long-term solution that boosts self-confidence and enhances function.

Versatile Options

NeoArch offers a broad range of options designed to cater to a patient’s specific esthetic and anatomic needs. The dentist can select from index and non-index CM mini conical abutments to meet patient goals.

Cost Effective Treatment

Keeping in mind that NeoArch can fill a patient’s smile with fixed-in-place teeth that will never need fillings or root canals, offering a cost-effective solution to patients. Patients who experience multiple teeth loss no longer are required to have an implant placed for each tooth since the modern technology of NeoArch exists.

What Life Impacts Can Be Expected with NeoArch?

    A stunning new set of fixed-in-place teeth enabling a healthier diet

    Long-lasting solution

    Better facial structure support

    High success rate

    Improved confidence and higher self-esteem

 Once the implants are inserted, patients can walk out of their dentist’s office with a new smile by the end of the day. They can resume their daily routine quickly, without worrying about missing teeth or poor facial structure. Above all, NeoArch technology is highly realistic-looking and can provide solid anchorage for enhanced smiles. This means patients can enjoy their favorite foods, laugh and social life with their friends without worrying about false teeth/dentures embarrassingly slipping out of place.

NeoArch is a great, more natural, alternative to dentures and beneficial for people who need multiple teeth replaced. Do yourself a favor by making an appointment to see if you could join so many others who have already benefited from NeoArch’s brilliant modern technological solution for enhanced enjoyment in life. This could be one of your favorite New Year’s Resolutions!

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