Why Do Patients Report That Having a Dental Implant Placed is So Much More Comfortable Than Having a Tooth Removed?

Why Do Patients Report That Having a Dental Implant Placed is So Much More Comfortable Than Having a Tooth Removed?

One day, during one of the many times I was working with Professor Brånemark,

who discovered the first successful implant technology, in Sweden, I asked him this

question, and asked if the people in Sweden reported their painless experience with

dental implants. He said yes, they did – which prompted me to ask why? He initially

said it may be a problem with semantics – the way things are described. He said that

when people talk about extracting teeth, they just say having a tooth “removed.” As if

it were as simple as getting a haircut.


He went on to say that this is not the case, if we think of it from a medical

perspective. He said when we extract a tooth, we are performing a procedure in

which we remove a part of the human body not intended to come out, or off. The

tooth is torn from its bony housing as the ligament which attaches the root to the

bone is ripped apart. An amputation is far more “violent” than “just removing a tooth,”

as if the process was merely as simple as pressing the delete button on a keyboard.

Alternatively, he went on to say, a dental implant must be inserted into the bone

gently. Not violently. And if done so gently, the bone will grow onto the surface of the

dental implant over a period of weeks.

So, are dental implants painless?

Placement of dental implants into the jaw bone is relatively pain-free as the

procedure can be carried out under local anesthesia, or the even more comfortable

intravenous sedation. If it is a single implant, usually ample time is given for the bone

and gums to heal before an abutment and restoration, better known as a crown,

follows after a few weeks to months. Once stable, the implant is uncovered and the

restoration is placed on top. Because healing occurs before crown placement,

restoration is a painless part of the dental implant procedure. In many cases when

multiple implants are placed and immediately splinted together, temporary teeth are

placed on the implants the same day as the surgery procedure.

Today’s modern dental implant treatment plans can replace everything from a single

missing tooth to a completely missing arch and that too with minimal discomfort.

Dental implants can help you to enjoy the foods you always loved, once again. An

additional benefit from provided by dental implants is they have been proven to

prevent the ongoing bone loss caused when natural teeth are lost. Dental implants

can not only look much better and feel better than the natural teeth they replace, but

they can help you bite and chew better than any denture ever could. Remember this:

pain should not be a matter of concern when making a decision to get a dental

implant placed.

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