Why it is More Important than You Think to Replace Your Back Teeth

Why it is More Important than You Think to Replace Your Back Teeth

Natural wear and tear and daily usage can affect the strength of your teeth. Over time, you might end up losing a tooth due to an accident or simply because it wears out. Thankfully, you can easily get a replacement for missing teeth. The procedure is safe and cost-effective and you don’t have to bear much hassle to get through it. Generally, people notice if one of their front teeth is missing. For one, it affects their smile and overall appearance as well. Hence, it is easily noticeable if you are missing a tooth on the front of your jaw. Moreover, biting and chewing can be difficult if you are missing back teeth.

Why it is More Important than You Think to Replace Your Back TeethWhat most people don’t realize is that replacing the back teeth can be just as important as replacing their front teeth. That being said, you might wonder why you should even consider replacing your back teeth. After all, the back teeth are not visible and therefore, not replacing them might not affect your appearance in any way.

That is a misconception. If you don’t replace your back teeth, it can lead to a number of problems.

 Your Remaining Teeth Will Shift at a Rapid Pace

Why it is More Important than You Think to Replace Your Back TeethDue to the gap created from the missing tooth, the other teeth start shifting, taking up the space that has been created. Because there is a gap, the speed at which the teeth shift will increase. Not only will this cause discomfort but if the teeth shift too much, they might lose their solid anchorage and become almost useless. In that case, you might have to undergo a number of procedures to have the problem corrected. Getting your tooth replaced is more convenient and requires less hassle.

 The Opposite Teeth Will Grow Towards the Gap

The opposite jaw teeth will start growing towards the gap created from the missing tooth.  This is called “hyper-eruption.” This not only impacts the shape of the jaw but also closes the gap between your teeth. This makes it much more difficult to replace your teeth later on. More teeth may need to be extracted and perhaps orthodontic braces may be required.

 Your Jawbone Will Start to Shrink

Why it is More Important than You Think to Replace Your Back TeethIn addition to the “hyper-eruption,” the abnormal growth of the teeth may harm the jaw bone and gums around the displaced teeth. Due to this, there will also be a risk of periodontal disease because the natural structure of your jaw bone has been disturbed. At the same time, the gum will also start pulling back. This can make your gums tender and lead to gum disease or bleeding.

When back teeth are missing, the distance between upper and lower jaws collapses, and your facial appearance will change for the worse. It is like removing a supporting pole in a pup tent causing it to sag or collapse. The collapsing distance between jaws will affect the appearance of your face resulting in premature wrinkles on your face, which can make you appear older than you are. Surely, this is something you don’t want. Replacing your back teeth soon, if they are lost, can keep you looking your age, or even younger, by keeping your facial appearance from vertically collapsing.

Many years ago, women who were fashion models for a living were told to have their back teeth removed because they believed it would make their cheekbones look more prominent and enhance their beauty. Sadly, they found that to also be an “old wive’s tale,” as their facial appearance collapsed and wrinkles appeared. That is called loss of vertical dimension.

 Your Surrounding Teeth Will Have an Increased Workload

Why it is More Important than You Think to Replace Your Back TeethMoreover, when you have missing teeth, the other teeth will be under greater pressure. This can lead to excessive wear and tear on the other teeth around the gap. Premature erosion can cause you to lose further teeth around the gap. This can lead to further dental problems which you might have to undergo treatment for, especially for remaining front teeth, which were not designed to take heavy bite loading forces, like molars are. That can cause the smaller front teeth to be prematurely lost. Additionally, the jaw joints, or TMJ’s, can be put under abnormal forces resulting in headaches and ear aches.

 Keep in mind that these are just a few of the problems you might experience if you have missing back teeth. Biting and chewing will become difficult and you won’t be able to enjoy your meals or favorite foods like you usually do. Therefore, getting dental implants can be an outstanding option to maintain dental/TMJ health and facial appearance when back are removed. Keeping all your teeth in good shape will also prove the catalyst for overall good health as well as looking better and enjoying life more fully.

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